Supposedly vs supposably writing a business

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Prides leave little room for vague. estrangement vs. distant Submitted by Anonymous on February 16, - am I was just told yesturday that our family unit is estranged and that I am carrying that into my own family unit.

Is “Supposably” a Real Word?

Apr 20,  · Do you or people in your part of the world say "supposably"? Did it just come from lazy speech?Status: Resolved. Once the most popular website in the U.S., Yahoo slowly declined, starting in the late s, and in Verizon Communications acquired most of Yahoo's Internet business for $ billion, excluding its stakes in Alibaba Group and Yahoo!

Watch video · The information revolution has further empowered individuals by handing them the technology to compete against huge organizations: hackers vs.

corporations, bloggers vs. newspapers, terrorists vs.

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Supposedly vs supposably writing a business
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Suppose vs. Supposed: What’s the Difference? - Writing Explained